What is expected of you as a UVU counsellor?

Counselling via E-mail

To become a counsellor at UVU you must either be currently enrolled in a higher education or be a graduate. All UVU counsellors are obligated to use discretion and are bound to maintain the privacy of the people to whom they provide counselling.

All counselling activities will be conducted through E-mail, meaning that you will not personally meet those whom you counsel, or speak to them on the phone. One exception, however, is if you as a volunteer sign up to provide counselling at the various educational institutions where UVU has partnered with ”Studievalg”. In this instance, counsellors can provide personal guidance once a month at educational institutions in Jutland, Funen, and Zealand.

Personal and professional coaching

Counsellors are expected to be professional, understanding and patient to all who seek their counsel. As UVU is a non-politically affiliated organization, it is therefore a requirement that you are politically neutral when you are in contact with a counsel seeker. Similarly it is expected that you, regardless of your background, are prepared to help and guide people from all nationalities and ethnicities equally and with pleasure.

As a counsellor, you will need to formulate and communicate your expertise and experiences related to your studies in mentoring counsel seekers. Examples of what counsel seekers may ask you include information about the study, what it requires of one, subjects, exam structure, the study environment, which administration employees are particularly helpful, what the different teachers require etc. Additionally, there may be other issues that are discussed which are not always related to the specific education. It may, for example, be questions about alternative ways to be admitted to an educational program, how to find housing in Denmark, or how to overcome cultural barriers and culture shock. For example, associated with moving away from home or having to convince the family of study choices and legitimizing them etc.

Make use of our partners!

It is important that you do research and/or contact the appropriate people if you receive questions or queries, which you do not feel equipped to answer, so that the counsel seeker receives as thorough assistance as possible.

If you are asked a question you do not feel capable of answering, you should make use of the resources available to you as a UVU counsellor and contact either Studievalg East-Jutland, Studievalg Funen or Studievalg Zealand (depending on where the Council seekers will study) to help you answer the question or you may refer the Council seekers directly to them.

It is incredibly important that you provide the best service possible and present the counsel seeker with accurate and correct information and facts, and in this way represent UVU with honor.

How much of your time is required?

As a counsellor at UVU, you should be prepared to put forth the necessary time to appropriately provide satisfactory guidance. This means that you should respond to emails within 48 hours and generally be available for E-mail correspondence. The exact number of hours will of course vary depending on how many counsel seekers you are in contact with, and how extensive the questions from the counsel seeker(s) are.


If you wish to be a counsellor at UVU you have to submit this form.